Meet The Team

The Arreola Family

Rick and Shannon Arreola work together as the pastors of Hidden Treasures. Both of them spend time each week seeking the Lord, and the Word that He has for His children.

Jacob and Jamie Clark

Jacob and Jamie Clark are our youth pastors, teaching students from 6th - 12th grade every Wednesday. Their goal is to help students learn the word of God and further their relationships with him!

Lou Dyal

Lou Dyal is our secretary. She has been with the church from the very start of it, along side her late husband, Robert Dyal who founded Hidden Treasures. She works behind the scenes throughout the weeks as she prepares our bulletins and much more!


Jeanine Kabasakalian

Jeanine is Hidden Treasure's worship leader. She takes time each week to prepare our worship services, seeking God on what His will is. Her goal is to help lead the rest of our congregation into worshiping Jesus in Spirit and in truth. Jeanine also has a website where she creates "Bible Jingles" to help the followers of christ keep his word in our hearts! Check it out!

Childrens Pastor

Chenelle Wilson

Chenelle is our children's pastor, and she's in charge of running our Kids' Church on Sundays at 11 AM! She and her team of "helpers" provide a fun environment for the kids while also teaching them about the love of Jesus!


Beatriz Ortiz

Esther runs our nursery department. She and all our other nursery volunteers do their best to provide a safe and fun environement for your young children!

Jim and Sam Kight

Jim and Sam teach our "Royal Rangers" boys class on Wednesday evenings. They are dedicated to teaching their students about the stories in the Bible, and helping them have fun!

Sylvia Rainer

Sylvia runs our Women's ministry. She meets up with our other "Women of Promise" once a month at the church, and they have a great time eating food, fellowshipping, and studying the Word.


Thomas Triano

Thomas is our building manager. He handles and oversees all of the building's needs to ensure we have a safe and secure place to praise our God in!

Pam Leggett

Pam is our Christian Education Director! She staffs and equips our Sunday school and Wednesday night classes with teachers, volunteers, curriculum, and other various resources!