Whether you’ve never been to church before or grew up attending church weekly, God knows you intimately and desires a relationship with you. You don’t have to change for Him to love you but the more you know Him the more you will want to change to be more like Him.

Our Worship Leader, Jeanine Kabasakalian has some great information for new Christians or those who want to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. Jeanine has produced a series of Christianity 101 videos along with a podcast. She also curates a collection of links below to various videos and podcasts by other Christian leaders.

Christianity 101 video series

Read Pastor Jeanine’s Strategies
on combating Spiritual Warfare

Video & Podcast Recommendations for Going Deeper…

Another great podcast for going deeper is “The Overcoming Life” from Jimmy Evans.
Pastor Robert Morris has a short video series answering: “How Do I Know?” and “Why am I here?”
Havilah Cunnington”s “Created to Hear God” 10 day study is available HERE
Pastor Robert Morris’ video “I Am a Sheep”
A 6 video series by Pastor Robert Morris titled “Frequency” begins HERE and includes “I am a Friend”, “Steward His Spoken Word”, and several others.
Pastor Jimmy Evans’ “I Changed My Mind About…” video series is available HERE