Rick & Shannon
Rick & ShannonPastors
Pastors Rick and Shannon have ministered here at Hidden Treasures since 1997. They began as Youth Pastors and now lead as Pastors. Their preaching and teaching is Spirit-led and focused on equipping the church to live Christ centered lives.
Pamela Leggett
Pamela LeggettWomen's Ministry
Pamela Leggett leads our Women’s Ministry and is eager to mentor and teach all women to live as Christ examples. Women’s Ministry (Women of Promise) meet once a month and there are weekly Bible studies to choose from.
Men's Ministry
Men’s Ministry is unique and vital to every church! Men learn to grow in their faith and are encouraged to become Godly examples to their families and to be strong in their faith.
Jacob & Jamie Clark
Jacob & Jamie ClarkYouth Pastors
Jacob & Jamie Clark are our Youth Pastors (HTAG Youth). Youth service begins Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Jacob and Jamie have a heart to disciple and lead students in their walk with Christ. They also teach & mentor our students through a Youth Discipleship class that is held every Wednesday from 4-5:30pm.
Chenelle Wilson
Chenelle WilsonChildren's Church
Chenelle Wilson teaches Children’s Church – “Young Disciples” which begins at 11am every Sunday. Children from 5yrs-11yrs have the opportunity to experience their own style of Church service and to learn about God and how they could be witnesses for Jesus.
Mrs. Lou Dyal
Mrs. Lou DyalDirector of Christian Education
Mrs. Lou Dyal is the Director of Christian Education. With over 30 years of experience in Church Ministry, she encourages & mentors every teacher to “Teach with Excellence”. Each class (both on Wednesday and Sunday) falls under Christian Education. Mrs. Lou helps equip the need of every teacher and their assistants.
Esther Petiote
Esther PetioteNewborn - 4yrs
HTAG Nursery is always looking to add to their list of “Blessed Nursery Workers”. We consider this to be a ministry and a form of “modern day” foot washing. Nursery provides the opportunity for moms and dads to experience a “child-free” worship service without distractions.
Jim and Samantha Kight
Jim and Samantha KightRoyal Rangers
Jim and Samantha lead our Royal Rangers (boys K-5th) with the help of Jessie Santiago. Every Wednesday at 6:30pm, boys learn from the Bible about God’s love, salvation and His plan for their life.
Missionette's Ministry (Girls Ministry)
Missionette’s Ministry (Ministry to Girls PreK-5th). They meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm and are broken up into groups: Rainbows (PreK – K), Prims (1st – 2nd Grade), and Stars (3rd – 5th Grade). Every class focusses on how to actively live by God’s Word.
Jeanine Kabasakalian
Jeanine KabasakalianWorship Leader
Jeanine leads the church in worship every week here at Hidden Treasures. Her mission as our worship leader is to create an atmosphere of woship that focuses patiently and expectantly waiting for the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
You can also click on her picture to check out her Bible Jingles page that contains many different bible verses in the form of song that help people memorize scripture in a way that’s creative and fun!
Prision Ministry
Our Prison Ministry is held every Monday night at 7pm at the Camden County Jail. Pastor Rick (Men’s Visitation) and Samantha Kight (Women’s Visitation) with some church volunteers preach and teach God’s Word. It is our prayer that these prisoners would begin to live new lives in Christ. Especially when they are released. We are privileged for this opportunity to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the county jail and minister to prisoners and correctional officers.