Small Groups

Over the years we have discovered that having small groups at our location (433 W. King Ave, Kingsland) makes a big difference & assists with the large crowd of kids that we have here at HTAG. Twice every year (Spring & Fall) we attempt to change a few things to our Sunday night service schedule with a 4-6 week group study. We do our best to organize 3-4 different bible study groups that coincide to the different stages of life that most people are in (age, married or single, young & old in faith). This helps create unity and a variety of discussions on topics such as “Building Stronger Marriages”, “Listening to the Voice of God” and “Prayer”.

Women’s Groups


“Women of Promise” is a monthly time of Bible study, fellowship, prayer and coffee! Sometimes chocolate!  A time for women who love Jesus to get together and encourage one another in their walk with Christ. Every stage in a woman’s life is challenging. So why go about it alone? Many activities are planned throughout the year to create unity and appreciation for one another. Don’t worry, child care is provided. Stop by the Women of Promise bulletin board for upcoming events!

Men’s Groups


The “Guys” here at Hidden Treasures have all sorts of talents and hobbies, so we attempt to engage in them for fellowship & ministry. We have some with “Green Thumbs”, some who are “computer savvy” and many who love to fish, shoot and eat! We know that life can get a little busy & hectic at times but what makes life a little easier and better is knowing that you can count on some brothers to help in time of need. Especially if they know & love Jesus!

Come check out one of our monthly Bible studies and learn that we may not be perfect but we sure do know a close friend who is…. JESUS!

Interested in Finding Out More?

Are you interested in what we are doing in our community want to find out more? Please send us a message below and we will connect back with you.